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I am offering confidential online video sessions as we navigate the limitations of staying in place.

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Imaginative and Integrative Therapy

 When our sense of self feels limited so does our ability to imagine alternatives and integrate positive changes.

Do you notice how negative thoughts or unresolved feelings; like sadness, anger, fear or grief affect your relationship with yourself and significant others in your life? Are you stuck in a limiting story that keeps you from making the changes you desire in your relationships, lifestyle, health or career?

Difficult thoughts and unmanageable feelings often arise when some part of us feels misunderstood or cut off from our potential. When these thoughts and  feelings are left unattended it can be difficult to identify our needs or communicate them to others. Grief, Depression, and Anxiety can arise. You may have come to rely on defensive patterns of behavior or utilize Substances or other coping strategies to manage your feelings. It is hard not to become identified with these states which can negatively influence self-perceptions, physical wellbeing and impact our ability to experience intimate and supportive relationships. Therapy is an opportunity to cultivate more authentic lifestyle choices that align with your physical, mental and emotional health. 

  • Explore difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with new tools, insight and understanding.
  • Imagine and develop alternative approaches to outmoded habits and patterns that limit your choices and sense of self.
  • Communicate and articulate needs, desires, and boundaries for yourself and in your relationships more easily

Engaging your imagination in therapy is an interactive and integrative process of exploration into self-perceptions or the image you have of yourself and others. Cultivating new tools for communicating with these restrictive parts can offer increased insight into transforming old fears, anxieties and unwanted behaviors into an expanded sense of self with potential for making meaningful change.

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I work from a creative and collaborative perspective that considers your whole being. I am informed by both Jungian-Depth Psychology and Somatic (Body Centered Talk Therapy). Both approaches offer insight into …

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Shari D. Lee, MA Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist

Individual and Relationship Counseling Psychotherapy


617 S. Olive St. LA 90014

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~ William Blake