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My approach to therapy is informed by a creative and collaborative perspective that considers your whole being. I have special training in both Jungian-Depth Psychology and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Body Centered Talk Therapy). Both approaches offer insight into the ways in which conscious as well as unconscious thoughts, feelings, and physical behaviors interact and affect our choices.

Before receiving my masters in psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, I worked over 15 years as a visual artist and arts educator with at risk youth, adolescents, and adults throughout Los Angeles. In my experience I have learned that the creative process often begins with an idea of what one wants to see, but often struggles to render. By working with the image in a step-by-step way an interactive dialogue with the image or vision emerges. What does it need? What is it showing me? How can I value and learn from my mistakes? How can I integrate this element into the overall image?

Undertaking therapy is a similar process. We are all influenced by images of ourselves based on memories, past relationships and unique life experiences that inform how we approach or resist present circumstances. Our work will uncover new ways of attuning to limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors that frustrate and restrict your sense of self. Together, we will develop and expand your self perceptions and images with practical tools like mindfulness, body centered awareness, as well as imaginative insight that nurtures your growth while fostering clarity and purpose.   

Following my graduate studies, I received two years of additional training at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles where I learned to work clinically with client’s dreams, elements of the shadow and archetypes, alternative modalities like Sandplay, and Active Imagination to enhance self exploration and expand the therapeutic process. I also received special training in Sensorimotor Pscyhotherapy, which is a somatic approach to Trauma Recovery. My training in Substance Abuse and Recovery informs my work with family members or partners that have been impacted by someone struggling with addiction as well as those suffering from addiction. I incorporate a holistic approach to our work together; helping you to unite disparate parts of your unique life experience while strengthening your innate ability to flourish.

Shari D. Lee, LMFT

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Einstein