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Many people that come to therapy have experienced grief and loss in some aspect of their lives. Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one or are facing the loss of an important relationship, breakup with your partner or a phase of life is ending or your career has ended, a part of you also ceases to exist in the way it had prior to the loss.

Navigating this unchartered territory can be very painful. You may feel waves of difficult emotions, like anger, sadness or fear wash over you. Even intermittent waves of relief can feel confusing or make you feel guilty; all of which can be mentally and physically exhausting. It may be difficult to interact with others even though you just want to get back to normal.

Grief is an initiatory and vital aspect of life that confronts us with our deepest feelings, vulnerabilities, and challenges our core beliefs. Although most people experience grief or loss as an unwelcome visitor it can also provide you with profound insight into aspects of yourself that are seeking to grow and change. Our therapy together will develop tools for identifying and nurturing your needs while compassionately opening to the changes that arise with your transition.

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