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RELATIONSHIP THERAPY for Individuals and Couples

Relationships are fundamental to our existence and every relationship we encounter is informed by the relationship we have with our self.

Memories, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all symbolic ways we perceive our selves. Our relationship with these self-symbols is navigated through our imaginations. When our imagination is restricted, our sense of self can also feel restricted. This narrowed sense of self can create defenses and fears that also hinder communication and self-expression in relationships with significant others and your environment.

Automatic feelings and behaviors; like anger, isolation and substance abuse can undermine your ability to make nurturing choices, define clear boundaries or the opportunity to give and receive the love and support you desire. These behaviors may have once served to protect you, but now they hinder you from trusting in yourself or others.

Many people I work with say, ” I don’t want to be that person” about some unwanted or undeveloped part of themselves. These parts may carry disappointment and core wounds in need of healing. Rather than denying or pushing away these unwanted feelings, our therapy together will patiently and mindfully engage these unwanted perceptions with curiosity and objectivity. This can be a powerful act of self acceptance that will reunite you with your innate inner wisdom.

Utilizing mindfulness skills with body centered or Somatic awareness can be a helpful approach to changing automatic thoughts and behaviors. I also encourage working with dreams, movement and image when appropriate to facilitate an expressive and expansive dialogue with your intuition to promote self trust, and liberate your potential for increased intimacy.

Whether you are seeking individual therapy or couples counseling with your partner, we will develop new tools for exploring, engaging, and authentically communicating your needs and desires more effectively.