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When we feel reliant on someone or something outside of ourselves to maintain our sense of wellbeing, we lose an ability to trust in our own strengths. We can become addicted to the idea that we are not enough – that we need someone or something beyond ourselves to diminish unmanageable feelings, be more creative or likable. Feelings of shame, isolation, and loss of faith deepen with continued use and dependence, which can become life-threatening to self and others if left unattended. I specialize in substance abuse & recovery to support you our your friends and family with these issues.

There are many approaches to working with addiction and most involve the 12 step recovery process that Bill W. developed through collaboration and consultation with the father of depth psychology, Carl. G. Jung. He believed that recovery begins primarily by undertaking an interactive, step-by-step approach to engaging and rebuilding the relationship with yourself and your faith through communicating and sharing your vulnerabilities with others within a network of support. Undertaking individual therapy, attending 12 step meetings and other practices such as cultivating mindfulness awareness, yoga, and Somatic Therapy (how past trauma, unmanageable feelings, and negative thoughts manifest in the body) are all important tools for changing automatic behaviors and developing resources that will enhance and strengthen your recovery.

I received special training working with individuals and groups in an outpatient setting who suffered from alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin addiction. In my practice, I continue to work with individuals in recovery, even if in the earliest stages as well as partners and family members of those in recovery who need support exploring their own roles and boundaries in a loved one’s road to recovery. I also work with many people whose family history included substance abuse of a parent, sibling or past partner to process how unresolved feelings like anger, guilt, control, and unresolved grief may be impacting their current relationships.

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Learn to express, identify, and tolerate triggering feelings such as boredom, fear, and anger.
Facilitate an inner dialogue that connects thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Move beyond black and white thinking and reactionary decision making.
Process and explore shame, guilt, and isolation to develop empathy, understanding, and the ability to ask for and receive what you need from others.